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October 2003 
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Tom Coleman in Charlotte
Grovewood Gallery
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Minutes - October 11, 2003
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for 2003-2004

Molly Lithgo

Patricia Harden

George Hayes

Marcy Maury

President’s Message

Not long ago, I was re-reading sections of A Life in the Arts by Eric Maisel, Ph.D. In the book, Dr. Maisel uses many quotes from creative and performing artists. This reference from Billie Holliday specifically struck me: 

'I can't stand to sing the same song the same way two nights in succession. If you can, then it ain't music, it's close order drill or something, not music.'

The whole notion of repetition made me think about making pots, which then led me to thinking about inspiration. What inspires the potter? I have heard more than one master potter refer to each repeated form as being one-of-a-kind (Ellen Shankin, for example). Kathy Triplett recently gave affirmation to one creative process:
                                         play music
                                         play art
Then, recently, I heard one potter friend refer to the "craziness" of going to the wheel, yet again, and attempting that form she can never master.

The repeated form that is never made exactly the same way by human hands.

The repeated approach to creating through play.

The repeated attempt at getting a form just right.

All of these aspects of repetition are intriguing to me. This repetitive process of making. We have all probably heard other potters refer to how the clay centers us. Dr. Maisel puts into words what most visual artists know intuitively; that absorption in what we do provides ground for inspiration.

Happy potting! - Molly

Remaining 2003 Meetings:

Oct. 11 – program: 
Coy Quackenbush will demonstrate his pottery techniques (Coy had to cancel the June 14 demonstration) 

Dec. 13 – program: 
Charlie Tefft will discuss glazing and glaze calculation

All meetings are held at David Cole’s Studio, 
4541 Peeples Rd., Oak Ridge, NC (336-668- 2192).
Click for map.

Member News & Announcements

Condolences to Jean Caviness at the loss of her Father-in-law.

Special thanks to the following members for donating their time and talents at the Carolina Clay Guild booth on Sunday, September, 14, 2003, at the Music Academy's Annual Fundraiser: Kim Shireman, Noah Carlton, Deik Pierce, Susan O'Leary, Sally Hayes, Marcy Maury, Molly Lithgo, and Jim Rientjes. The event was fun for all and a great success. Our Guild hosted activities for the kids, demonstrations, and an opportunity for anyone to try their hands at the wheel! Click here to see a few photos taken at the event.
Also, special thanks to Charlie Tefft and Guilford College for the use of their wheels, and to Sonya and Brandon Askew for updating the Guild brochure.
Congratulations to Deik Pierce and Susan Cutter, who each won raffle prizes at the last Guild meeting.

Carolina Clay Guild Sponsored Events

Carolina Clay Guild Holiday Pottery Show/Sale

Dates: December 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th

Location: TwoArtChicks, 609 South Elm St., Greensboro, N.C. 27406, (336)273-9885

Fees: Small participation fee for gallery space and advertising (amount dependent on number of participants), + 15% of sales (10% to 2AC/5% to Guild)

Other Information

  • show will be highly advertised
  • food will be provided by the gallery on Thurs. & Fri. evenings (1st Thurs. & Festival of Lights Weekend)
  • music will be provided by the gallery on Fri. evening
  • tables available from the gallery (10 of them 6" and 5 others that are 4")
  • displays provided by Carolina Clay Guild committee: George & Pat Hayes, Dottie Tally, Sally Hayes, Sonya Askew, Mary Griffn.
Reserve your spot by October 1st: email or call Rachel Reed: clayconcepts@triad.rr.com or 336-687-0680.
Space may be limited!


You may now contact the Guild in any of the following ways, for any of the workshops listed below:

[E-mail: contact@carolinaclayguild.com, PO Box 5656, Greensboro, NC 27435, phone: 336-275-1202]

by Susan FilleySUSAN FILLEY will present a 2-day demonstration at Rockingham Community College on Saturday November 8 and Sunday November 9, 2003, 9:00AM – 5:00 PM each day.

Susan will demonstrate her various forms using Coleman Porcelain. Cost is $75.00 for members and $100.00 for nonmembers. Saturday lunch will be potluck, provided by participants (Guild will supply drinks). Sunday lunch will be provided by the Guild. Click here to read more about Susan Filley.

NICK JOERLING will present a 2-day demonstration of his work at Rockingham Community College on Saturday March 13 and Sunday March 14, 2004, 9:00 AM – 5:00PM each day. Cost is $75.00 for members and $100.00 for nonmembers.
UK ceramic artist, JOHN CALVER, will return October 4 – 8, 2004, to Rockingham Community College for a 5-day hands-on workshop. Participants will throw various forms, glaze, and fire during this week, with a kiln opening on the 10th or 11th. Cost is $200.00 for members and $250.00 for nonmembers. High-fire clay for the firing will be an additional cost. Lunches are not included. More information will follow regarding this exciting week! 

Tom Coleman

Carolina Claymatters Pottery Guild in Charlotte, NC is hosting Tom Coleman, "One on One," Saturday, February 21 and Sunday, February 22, 2004.  The workshop will be held at the Country Suites Hotel located at I-77N and Highway 73, Exit 25.  Workshop cost is $150 and will include: workshop notebook, continental breakfast and lunch Saturday/Sunday and a social hour Saturday after the workshop ends.  Country Suites has a $89 room rate for the workshop.  For more information and registration forms please contact Gary Lee at Rising Sun Pottery, 704-735-5820 or e-mail risingsunpottery@aol.com.

Grovewood Gallery

The Carolina Clay Guild participated in the Grovewood Gallery's annual open house on Saturday, July 4, 2003, in Asheville, NC. Members representing the Guild were Rachel Reed (who organized the guild members), Charlie Tefft, Lisa Skeen, Molly Lithgo, and Jim Rientjes. Unable to attend were Pat Harden and Bo Reid. These Guild members were able to sell and display their pottery in the booth while promoting the Guild. We learned that this is a prime area for what our Guild has to offer, as there is nothing of it's kind in that area. The Grovewood Gallery was recently presented with the Nation's Top Retail Gallery Award for 2003 by NICHE Magazine. Member Brandon Askew donated his time and talents creating the new sign for our booth. Members reported slow/low sales at this event, but agreed that an enjoyable weekend was had by all. And, downtown Asheville puts on a magnificent fireworks display for their 4th of July Celebration!

Grovewood Gallery Open House
Grovewood Gallery Open House
Grovewood Gallery Annual Open House

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