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January 2004
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for 2003-2004

Molly Lithgo

Patricia Harden

George Hayes

Marcy Maury

President’s Message

Greetings to all! It has been a hectic and exciting year for the guild. Among our activities are: a good start on the web site, excellent workshops, participation in a local fund-raising event, ending with a successful holiday exhibition. 2004 promises an array of activities just as good! 

Nick Joerling will be here for a 2-day workshop on March 13 & 14, Silvie Granatelli is in the works for late August or early Sept. UK artist, John Calver will return for a 5-day hands-on workshop Oct. 6-10, with a per-day rate for those interested only in observing.  John will also be having an exhibition in Asheboro, co-coordinated by Dwight Holland, opening on Oct. 7th. A spring exhibition is a possibility for our members and our non-profit status will be activated soon. 

Among our member news: if you have not done so already, check out the article in  ClayTimes (Sept. issue) regarding member Billie Mitchell’s wonderful work. And, in the Dec. issue of Clay Times, member Cindy Biles has a picture of her work in the "Gallery" section. Congratulations to you both! Please send news of your accomplishments to include in the guild newsletter!!! My experience has been that your fellow guild members are interested in what you are doing, especially all of our NEW MEMBERS out there!

Along the same thought, if you are unable to make it to meetings, and have suggestions, please send them via email; contact@carolinaclayguild.com, or mail to PO Box 5656, Greensboro, NC 27435. All of our guild activities are generated by member ideas! 

Happy potting! –Molly

2004 Guild Meeting Schedule

Feb 14 – program: member Dottie Talley will demonstrate and discuss underglazing techniques
April 3 – program to be announced (the 2nd Sat. of April is the day before Easter)
June 12 – program to be announced
Aug 14 – program to be announced
Oct 16 – program to be announced (the 2nd Sat falls during the J. Calver workshop)
Dec 11 – program to be announced

Upcoming programs include hands-on with Jean Caviness, photographing your work, and brunch with ideas! Mary Griffin, our program chair, is firming up the calendar. If you would like to present a program or have an idea for one, please contact Mary.

All meetings are held at David Cole’s Studio, 
4541 Peeples Rd., Oak Ridge, NC (336-668- 2192).
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Annual Meeting
Saturday, January 9, 2004
Home of Peggy Lonon

Great food, assorted Guild reports, and a rousting pottery gift exchange  - our annual Guild meeting was big success!  Held at the lovely home of Peggy Lonon – long time member, potter extraordinaire, and generally a good sport.  Thank you Peggy!

Some of the things we talked about:

  • We have about 100 members
  • We sponsored 3 big workshops in 2003:
    • Ellen Shankin
    • Kathy Triplett
    • John Calver 
  • We participated in 3 special activities:
    • The Music Academy Festival – held at Guilford College, the Guild sponsored a booth  that sold pottery and also provided kids with hands on clay experience (wheel and hand building)
    • Grovewood Gallery, Asheville, NC – Guild members were invited to sell pottery in the Guild sponsored booth
    • Two Art Chicks,  Christmas sale – 20 members participated in a weekend pottery sale at a gallery in Greensboro 
  • The treasury has $3,500- 4,000 – approximately the same amount we had at the beginning of 2003.
  • We have a great new website: carolinaclayguild.com – thank you Melody Watson for all your lovely work on our website!
In 2004:  we have several workshops booked and several that are "under construction":
  • Nick Joerling, Penland potter and well published in pottery books and journals – March 13 and 14
  • John Calver, England – potter with 40 years of uninterrupted experience – and lots of fun, also a remarkable talented potter – Oct 6-10
  • Sylvie Granatelli – maybe late Aug or early September
  • Susan Filley – maybe a rescheduling of a previously planned workshop
  • A tile workshop – or other hand building ideas…?
We had several members attend our meeting who had been members when the Guild first began and several people who had never been to a Guild event and became new members.  It was a very nice afternoon.  Looking forward to next year's!

Member News & Announcements
Billie Mitchell is featured in an article in Clay Times (Sept. ’03 issue).
Cindy Biles has work pictured in the "Gallery" section of Clay Times (Dec. ’03 issue).
Way to go!! Members, send in your news!

Events Not sponsored by the Clay Guild - Click here

Dues, Dues, Dues

Everyone is due to pay their Carolina Clay Guild dues (except for the clever people who won a free membership from the raffle at our Saturday morning meetings).

The cost is the same as last year – except maybe cheaper if you fit one of our special categories
The new dues structure…

  • Individual     $15.00
  • Individual and spouse/family member   $20.00
  • Degree seeking student   $5.00
  • Senior Citizen    $10.00
  • Senior Citizen and spouse/family member   $15.00
Please send your dues to
Carolina Clay Guild
PO Box 5656
Greensboro, NC   27435 

NC Girl Scouts and the NC Pottery Center, Seagrove

The NC Pottery Center in Seagrove is working with the NC Girl Scout Council for the first time this year to offer a special pottery badge.  They are asking for our help! 

Girl Scout troops will make a trip to Seagrove on one of five different Saturdays.  NC Clay Guilds are being asked to pick one of those days and commit to providing the people to support the event.  There will be five different stations: 1. demonstration on wheel throwing and introduction to pit firing, 2. glaze science including safety equipment, measurements and glaze ingredients, 3. a museum scavenger hunt, based on a list developed by the museum people and followed by a guided tour of the museum, 4. hands-on hand building, the girls will make a pinch pot with oven bake clay that they can take home, 5. archeological dig – a brief talk about traditional Native American pottery, burnishing and decorating pots and a mock "dig" for pottery shards. 
Volunteers will pick a station, be given the support materials and patiently greet groups of joyful girl scouts as they are lead through by people with electric cattle prods (just seeing if you are paying attention!).  We need about 20 people to fully support one full day of girl scouting.

Saturday, March 27th?  Wouldn’t it be lovely to be the first Guild to commit - and then challenge the Charlotte and Durham Guilds to "rise to the challenge" (do you hear the theme from Rocky playing in the background?).  Can you spare a Saturday?  It is a great way to learn more about the Seagrove Pottery Center – what a national treasure!  We are fortunate to have it so nearby.

If you want more information or tentatively want your name on the ‘volunteer’ list please contact Marcy (home 274-2008, work 274-5437, email marcym@guilfordchildren.com.)


Member Web Pages now available. 

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