Carolina Clay Guild Meeting
Saturday, October 11, 2003 - Minutes

Attending:  Pres. Molly Lithgo, Rachel Reed, Mary Griffin, Susan O’Leary, Susan Cutter, Pat Harden, Lisa Chmielewski, George Hayes (secretary)

Annoucements by Molly Lithgo:
1) new guild brochure.  Passed out copies to members present, along with new business card for the guild.
2) referred members to the September issue of clay times. A member of our guild, Billie Mitchell, has an article in this issue.
3) Reminder of the Susan Filley workshop on Nov. 8 & 9 at RCC
4) Reminder that the Newsletter is now on the website. No hard copies unless you have signed up to receive a hard copy.

Old Business:
- Non-profit status: Molly summarized benefits and requirements such as fees, tax consequences, etc.  After some discussion, Susan O’Leary made the motion for the guild to apply for a Not for Profit Status. Motion was seconded by Lisa Chiemelewski and was carried unanimously by those attending.

- Rachel Reed reviewed the Holiday Show at 2 Art Chicks on Dec. 4, 5, 6, & 7. Approx. 17 members have signed up.  Rachel will be contacting you for confirmation and more details.

- Rachel also opened discussion of a pottery sale by the guild in February, 2004.  This would be a fund raiser for the guild and potters will be asked to donate pieces to be sold.  We will be pursuing several options for this sale, including doing it in association with the Greensboro Art League sale in February.

New Business:   None

Noted: Jim Talley had what is believed to be a very slight stroke which has affected his vision.  He is doing well otherwise, but keep Jim in your thoughts and prayers.

Program:  Coy Quackenbush, manager of the Campbell Cermamics Supply in Mebane, NC.  Coy, an accomplished potter, shared with us his knowledge and building techniques for the Mimbres native American style pottery that he makes.  The Mimbres nation existed between 500 AD and 1250 AD and is believed to have been absorbed into the Pueblo nation.  For those who have not seen Coy’s pieces, they are absolutely beautiful. One cannot view his pieces without appreciating the talent that went into making them.

Coy, we appreciate your time in attending and participating in our meeting.

Minutes contributed by George Hayes, secretary.

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