Carolina Clay Guild – Meeting Saturday, June 14, 2003

Present: Molly Lithgo, Mary Griffin, Sonya Askew, Jim Peterson, Rachel Reed, Melody Watson, David Cole, Pat Hayes, Tim Tally, Dottie Tally, Sally Hayes, Pat Harden, Brooks Ratledge, and George Hayes.

After a brief introduction and welcome, President Molly Lithgo recognized Melody Watson and turned the program over to her. Melody has set up the websites for the guild.
Two (2) domains: and
Individual pages of the website are:
 1 – "about us" page
 2 – Membership page – how to become a member, cost, etc.
 3 – Newsletter link
 4 – Membership directory
 5 – Events

The membership directory will have links to individual pottery websites.  A member can host a page     (about $35.00 annually).  There will also be links to resources such as Highwater and Campbell’s.

- Next on the program was Rachel Reed and the HOLIDAY SHOW & SALE. This will be held at "2 Art Chicks" in Greensboro, December 4, 5, 6, & 7.  Susan Cutter & Rachel are heading this up.  The plan is to set up on Wednesday night or Thursday daytime. We will have the front room.  This is same weekend as Festival of Lights.  We discussed advertising for this show: newspaper (Thursday insert), TV (WFMY Good Morning Show), and possibly radio.  Also, a "decorating committee" was formed, consisting of Rachel, George, Mary, Sally, Dottie, Jim, Sonya, and Susan.

- Separate conversation held concerning a special sale for the guild.  This would be a fund-raiser. No decisions made at this time.

- George Hayes demonstrated use of the electric frying pan as a means of waxing bottoms.  Key to no effort waxing: put BB’s in the bottom of the pan so that the piece can be rotated on "ball bearings" for a smoother  wax job.

- General discussion: Sonya covered sources for craft shows in North Carolina: "Sunshine Artist" (call 800-597-2573 or, and "Carolina Arts".

- Next meeting announced for Saturday, Aug. 9,  10:00 am. Guess will be Joe Stewart, cpa, to discuss non-profit organizations.

- Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by: George M. Hayes