Carolina Clay Guild Meeting
Saturday, August 9, 2003 - Minutes

In attendance: Susan Cutter, Deik Pierce, Marcy Maury, Molly Lithgo, Jim Rientjes, David Cole, Sonya Askew, Joe Stewart, Sherry Stewart, and Pat Hayes.

- noted that the newsletter is now on line and will not be mailed unless you return a form requesting that we continue to mail it to you.

Report on Workshops: Marcy
- 17 attended the John Colver workshop – two days, lost $556.00
- 26 attended the Tripplett workshop – made $523.00
- Grovewood Craft Fair – consensus was that this was a disappointing event. All those that participated took a loss after expenses.  The range of income was $35 to 156.  The guild paid 15% for booth fees.

Treasurer’s report: Marcy
- Savings balance = $2660.00
- Checking balance = $3674.00

Christmas Sale
- Dec 4, 5, 6, & 7 at the "Two Art Chicks" (Friday – Sunday) Please see the newsletter for details
- Notify Rachel if you want to participate. Expenses will be shared by the participants.
- From Susan Cutter: press release planned, plus newsletter and post cards to be printed and members can mail to own mailing lists. Space is a concern re how to share and encourage replenishing on Saturday.
- Decision made: limit 10 pieces of pottery per person.  Again, contact Rachel

Board Report: Molly
- Request from the Music Academy to participate in their fund raiser @ Guilford College. The fee is $200 and we would be expected to demonstrate, but not sell. Our purpose would be for publicity and as a public service.  This is Sunday, 9-14, 12:oo noon to 6:00 pm.

Announcement: Susan Filley workshop (High Fire Porcelain), RCC  Nov 8 & 9, $75 per person.

Announcement: John Colver workshop planned for Oct 4-8, 2004 @ RCC.  Five day hands-on. $200 for members for the 5 days.

David Cole suggested that we amend bylaws and constituion re any contact to media. This must be done by officers of the guild. The board will review and bring back to the group.

Program – Sherry and Joe Stewart (Accountants from Winston-Salem).
- Forms need to be completed and fee paid: $150 for income of $10,000 or less, $500 for income of over $10,000; accountant fee of $150 to $500
- If revenue greater than $25,000 per year, must file IRS form 990
- Non- Profit orgs must have: officers, board, bylaws, and bank account in the org’s name
- Advantages: membership dues are deductible as business expense, guild can solicit and accept corporate contributions, grant opportunities.

Members discussed specific issues with no decision made.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 am

Submitted by: George M. Hayes

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